This comic is called Gleeful Nihilism, as you could probably tell from the big pill bottle at the top that says as much… and your browser probably says it somewhere near the top of your screen, too.

Anyway, GN (that’s how I abbreviate Gleeful Nihilism, neat huh?) has been through several different variations. The first big phase was when it all began, with sharpies and index cards left over from making Ancient Greek flashcards in college. After a while of doing that, I decided to move into the digital space with a wacom tablet and photoshop, and thus began the second major phase of the comic.

Somewhere along the way, I decided I should go back to school, and once that happened, hobbies and online stuff too a backseat to classwork and the comic went on hiatus… which brings us to now! The site is getting remade, the third major phase is getting off the ground soon, and you should get pumped because it will hit full steam this summer (2012).

So, check back often and tell all your lame friends! It will make you look super cool.